Senior Pet Services and Care

Osteoarthritis Relief and Senior Pet Services and Care

It’s tough getting old! But it doesn’t have to be painful or debilitating.  There are many new and innovative medical treatments to help those arthritic joints and allow your pet to live out his golden years with joy and dignity!

We love our senior pets and think they deserve the best care and everything that's available to them.  Old age doesn't have to be a disease anymore and there are many treatments and therapies that will prolong their quality of life.  Senior pets (over age 7) should be seen two times a year for a thorough check up.  Pets age much faster than humans, so a 6 month time period is like 3.5 years to us!  You wouldn't wait 3 years to get a check up if you were a senior citizen, so do your pet a favor and visit us at least twice a year to catch any potential illnesses in their early stages.

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