Pet Insurance

Take a second look at pet insurance...It's worth it!
We've done the research and have chosen a few companies that we not only recommend to our clients, but have also enrolled our own pets in!  Pet insurance is not a scam-and not a rip off!  It can provide you with unlimited coverage (in some cases) for the health needs of your pet.  Imagine if you didn't have to worry about the vet bill because you knew that you would be reimbursed...

Plans can be customized around your budget and can include routine care to catastrophic only plans. Pet insurance has come a long way in the last few years and you may be surprised at what it can cover and how inexpensive a simple plan can be.  Many plans cover alternative therapies like hydrotherapy and rehab, medications, prescription diets, necessary surgeries and hereditary conditions!

Just remember - NO PLAN WILL COVER A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!  It's like getting into a car accident without insurance and then wanting to sign up the next day with a company that will cover the repairs from the accident.  So the best move is to get your pet covered BEFORE those long-term conditions, illnesses or diseases are diagnosed.  PUPPIES AND KITTENS ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATES, but many companies will cover your pet regardless of their age.  There are many companies to choose from and we work with all of them to process any claims you may have.

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